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Our Story

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Sanare Bioscience was born out of the network and experiences developed by Founder, Jack Donaldson IV, over a period of fifteen years spent in healthcare consulting.


During this time, Jack developed a network of hundreds of physicians and researchers, while also encountering problems in pharmaceutical supply chains, and areas of research that are traditionally underfunded. This sparked the vision for a pharmaceutical research company that focused on two areas - bridging gaps in research and funding, and unlocking value for healthcare providers through better pharmaceutical supply chains.


The result is Sanare Bioscience, an expertise-filled team that brings value through research, development and provider distribution of critical drugs that improve lives.


Research Areas

Sanare Life Sciences’ flagship product will be a toxicity related product that will showcase our capabilities. Our purpose is to discover, develop, produce and market drugs that improve outcomes. Our areas of focus are:


▶ COVID-19

▶ Plant-based Studies

▶ Cancer Pain/Cancer

▶ Pain




▶ Depression/Anxiety

▶ Womens Health

▶ Diabetes

▶ Alzheimers 

Partner with Sanare Bioscience

We actively seek out new relationships with physicians, researchers, trial participants and investors. 


If you’re interested in learning more about partnership, reach out below.

Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out to Sanare Bioscience. We will get back to you shortly. If your issue is of an immediate nature, please contact us by phone at 855.929.3062.

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